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Save money by buying used parts

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January 18, 2016
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May 31, 2016

Whether you repair your own car or have someone do it for you, you can save money with used car parts. These are high quality components that have been rescued from salvaged vehicles.

Saving Your Car from the Trash Heap
If you have been told that your vehicle is not worth fixing, think again. While the cost of new parts may not be worth it, you may still be able to save your car from the trash heap. You can find lightly used engines that have survived unscathed, allowing you to purchase them from a salvage yard for a fraction of the cost. This may restore your car to better health than you thought imaginable. Likewise, costly suspension and transmission parts may be there for the taking. With a small investment rather than a big one, you may be able to keep your old car much longer. There is nothing more satisfying than beating the odds to keep a good car on the road.

Beating After-market Parts
After-market parts are the replacements made by a factory other than the original manufacturer (OEM). While these may be cheaper, they generally save the buyer only one-tenth to one-third of the cost of OEM parts. To really reduce auto repair costs, salvage parts can save you even more. You may be able to pay one-tenth or one-third of the original cost, reducing your expenditures by nine-tenths or two-thirds! The financial savings can be quite remarkable, depending on the component.

Finding Scarce Parts
With older vehicles, new parts become harder and harder to find. This drives up the cost. Sometimes you are faced with a viable car that just needs one component to be drivable. Salvaged parts are a great source for every component. You can get discontinued components and unique fixtures that can return your older vehicle to good condition.

Sourcing Classic Parts
For the weekend mechanic or hobbyist, salvaged parts are often the only authentic ones available. Salvaged parts are certainly the only affordable ones. For those who are rebuilding a classic, you can find detail pieces that can bring back the original look that adds value to your old vehicle. When you are finished, that authenticity will ensure a higher price.

Making A Decision
If you are worried about purchasing salvage parts, you should follow these simple guidelines. First, find out if the parts are recovered by qualified technicians. Next, make sure the parts are the right fit. At Gresham Auto, our staff uses a unique quality control process developed from years of salvaging engines and parts. We perform a thorough inspection before putting it up for sale. Also, it is our goal to be sure that you get the right fit. Our purchasing system includes buying cars before they are junked, ensuring a higher quality for our customers.

Whether you need salvaged parts for your daily ride or your custom classic, you’ll find a selection at Gresham Auto Wrecking.