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About us

About Us

The owner has been in the auto industry for 14 years. His inquisitive mind first started with the matchbox and hot wheels cars when he was three years old. Soon he graduated to RC cars. Fixing and crashing them only to fix them again. At the age of thirteen he got his first car-- a Nissan Pulsar. When he drove the car back home it was over heating. He pulled over onto the shoulder only to have a state trooper to follow. The trooper asked him why he was pulled over and he answered, “I’m trying to let the car cool down; it overheated”. Little did the officer know that he was only 13 years old. Ever since then, he and cars were inseparable. He yearned for understanding in how and what makes the car work. Today, he is a BMW specialist and full-filling a dream in having all the “real” cars to play with whenever he wants which is his salvage yard. Although his goal is in helping as much people as possible with connecting them with their parts and making a customer smile, his future goals are too help orphan kids because that is where his father came from. And this is one of his driving factors for succeeding.
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